QUARITE Research Project

Without a way to measure success, it is impossible to tell what the impact of an action has. That reasoning is the basis for the QUARITE program, a randomized control trial intended to evaluate the ALARM International Program (AIP). Taking place over four years, from 2007 – 2011, the study focused on 22 hospitals in Mali and 24 hospitals in Senegal in order to determine the impact of the AIP.

The hospitals, having met the selection criteria, were divided into a control group, which did not receive AIP training, and an intervention group, which did. The training included the provision of a number of AIP courses, as well as the implementation of maternal death audit programs in the intervention group hospitals. Ultimately, the study evaluates whether or not the AIP has a significant impact in reducing maternal mortality, as well as evaluating AIP’s impact on newborn mortality, the use of local resources, improvements in professional practice and work satisfaction among healthcare professionals.

QUARITE was implemented jointly with the University of Montreal. Alexandre Dumont, MD, of the University of Montreal and the Centre Hospitalier Ste. Justine, is the principal researcher.


The QUARITE project has been completed and the data has been analysed. Results of the QUARITE project were recently published in an article in the Lancet.

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