Mali At a Glance

The Republic of Mali

The Republic of Mali is the seventh largest country in Africa. Mali is one of the most politically and socially stable countries in Africa. While the official language is French, over 40 other ethnic languages are spoken, including Bambara, Berber and Arabic. Malian music and the art done by the Dogon tribe are internationally renowned.

SAGO Midwives in Mali.
SAGO Midwives in Mali.

Public health services in Mali are complicated by poverty, malnutrition and a lack of infrastructure. Despite being one of Africa’s largest cotton producers and self-sufficient in terms of food, the country is constrained by foreign debt and remains one of the world’s poorest countries. Many women give birth at home and training traditional birth attendants with midwifery skills is considered an important strategy to prevent maternal death.

SOGC volunteer Gilles Perrault, MD and AIP participants.
SOGC volunteer Gilles Perrault, MD and AIP participants.

The ALARM International Program has held a number of training courses in Mali where the rates of maternal death are high. By learning how to manage post-partum hemorrhage and the third stage of labour, participants are better equipped to deal with complications during childbirth.

A  proud Malian mother and her newborn.
“Matin Calme’: François Couturier. A proud Malian mother and her newborn.

The SOGC has recently begun work in Mali through the QUARITE Research Project. The QUAlité des soins gestion du RIsque et Techniques obstétricales dans les pays en développement (QUARITE) program is a randomized control trial evaluating the ALARM International Program (AIP).

Djeneba et son Fils
‘Djeneba et son Fils’: François Couturier – Dejeneba is a nurse in Malian hospital.

The Research project will last four years and reach 22 hospitals in Mali. The project will also be implemented in Senegal. Alexandre Dumont, MD is the in-country project lead. SOGC staff Moya Crangle, RM and Jean Richard Dortonne, MD are the project managers. The QUARITE committee works together with the SOGC staff and Dr. Dumont to make the project a reality.