Haiti Reconstruction Project

Supporting Maternal and Perinatal Health through Primary and Ongoing Training

The SOGC has been granted funds from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to contribute to reconstruction efforts in Haiti. The aim of the project "Supporting Maternal and Perinatal Health through Primary and Ongoing Training" is to build the clinical capacity of health professionals and students to offer maternal and perinatal health services which meet international standards, in order to ultimately decrease maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity in Haiti. This initiative will help develop a critical mass of human resources with the necessary skills, knowledge and practical experience to adequately respond to the country's needs in terms of maternal and perinatal health, and in this way, will contribute to the reconstruction of the Haitian health system.

The targeted intervention groups include graduates, interns, and residents of the Faculty of Medicine at four Universities (State University of Haiti, Notre Dame, Quisqueya and Lumière), as well as health professionals who are already working in public institutions. Some of the proposed interventions include the production and dissemination of clinical guidelines on the management of obstetric and neonatal complications; strengthening the capacity of the University Faculties of Medicine to supervise students during their internships; and training in emergency obstetric and neonatal care through delivery of the ALARM International Program (AIP). There are 13 courses planned to take place over a period of 12 months and it is expected that a total of 360 graduates, interns and residents, as well as 160 other health professionals will receive AIP training. The project will also provide support to la Société haïtienne d'obstétrique et de gynécologie (SHOG) for the adaptation of the ALARM International Program to the Haitian context, development of two new modules, and ultimately the creation of an AIP-HAITI.

In order to effectively coordinate the many activities in such a short time-frame, as well as monitor the project's progress, SOGC Program Manager Dr. Jean-Richard Dortonne has relocated to Haiti for the duration of the project. Dr. Dortonne works closely with la Société haïtienne d'obstétrique et de gynécologie and is supported by a Project Management Team which includes a clinical expert, an AIP-HAITI Coordinator, administrative support personnel and consultants. An advisory committee has also been formed, which includes a representative of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, a representative of each Faculty of Medicine, as well as representatives from the Project Management Team, the SHOG and the SOGC. The project also relies on the help of visiting Canadian volunteers who are trained AIP instructors and who assist with the delivery of AIP courses.

The SOGC believes that this project will greatly advance the education of Haitian health professionals, especially of the next generation of health professionals who will soon begin medical practice, allowing them to more readily respond to the pressing needs of their population.

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Photo credit: Jean-Charles Pasquier