Guyana is South America’s only English-speaking country, an indication of its British colonial history. Poverty is a concern for many among the country’s small population, particularly in rural areas. However, Guyana’s government has taken steps to resolve development issues such as maternal mortality and high HIV/AIDS prevalence.

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ALARM International Program

From 2007 to 2010, the ALARM International Program was implemented in Guyana through the collaborative efforts of the SOGC, PAHO/WHO country office for Guyana and the Ministry of Health. The goal of the AIP in Guyana was to provide the local partners (Ministry of Health - Georgetown and New Amsterdam Training Centres) with the technical expertise, guidance and support necessary to implement the AIP within its training centers, while encouraging the development of obstetrical and midwifery professional associations in Guyana. The project included development of action plans for the implementation of AIP, training of health professionals, including training for AIP instructors, and a comprehensive evaluation of the benefits and limits of the delivery of AIP.

The program yielded the following outcomes:

  • A multidisciplinary group of 384 health professionals were trained through a total of 10 AIP courses;
  • 46 potential Guyanese instructors have been identified, of which a core group of 15 have acquired actual experience in teaching the AIP alongside Canadian mentors;
  • 6 Guyanese instructors have acquired advanced skills in giving and managing the course;
  • 1 Guyanese MOH nurse has acquired course management and reporting skills;
  • Collaboration between the Ministry of Health and PAHO has been strengthened through the planning and implementation of the AIP in Guyana.

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The SOGC's main partners in Guyana are the Pan American Health Organization and the Guyana Ministry of Health.


Population: 770,794 (2008)
Median Age: 28.2 (2008)
Life Expectancy: 66.43 years (2008)
HIV/AIDS Prevalence (ages 15-49): 2.4% (2005)
Fertility Rate: 2.03 children born per woman (2008)
Infant Mortality: 30.43 deaths/1000 live births (2008)
Skilled Attendant at Delivery: 94% (2000-2006)
Contraceptive Prevalence: 35% (2000-2006)
Maternal Mortality Ratio: 470 per 100,000 (2005)
Lifetime Risk of Maternal Death: 1 in 90

Sources: UNICEF country profiles and CIA WorldFactbook