Guatemala is a Central American nation located between Mexico to the west and Honduras to the east. Boasting beautiful landscapes and strong indigenous cultures, Guatemala is still recovering from a 36-year civil war which ended in 1996. Maternal and infant mortality rates are disproportionately high in Guatemala's indigenous communities when compared to the rest of the country, and only 41% of deliveries are monitored by skilled birth attendants.

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Partnership Program

The Asociación de Ginecología y Obstetricia de Guatemala (AGOG) is one of the IWHP's oldest partners, having been part of the Partnership Program since its inception in 1998. Since then, AGOG has strengthened its organizational capacities to assume leadership in promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights in the country. They have been able to position themselves as a major national contributor in a variety of areas, including upgrading skills of health professionals involved in obstetrics, implementing maternal mortality audit activities in health centers and advocating for improvements in sexual and reproductive health and rights for all at policy and legislative levels.

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ALARM International Program

Through support provided by the SOGC's Partnership Program, the Asociación de Ginecología y Obstetricia de Guatemala (AGOG) has proved successful in having the ALARM International Program recognized as a national tool to mobilize and train health professionals involved in obstetrics. As of January 2008, they have been involved in the delivery of 21 training programs to more than 400 health professionals across the country. More than half of these training programs were conducted within Ministry of Health maternal and infant health initiatives, in departments with the highest burden of maternal and neonatal deaths.

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Solola District Hospital Project

The SOGC has also been involved in Guatemala through an innovative program working to eliminate barriers to care for indigenous women at the Sololá District Hospital. The crux of the program has been the integration of traditional midwives into the health centre's operations.

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The SOGC's main partner in Guatemala is the Asociación de Ginecología y Obstetricia de Guatemala (AGOG), the national ob/gyn professional association.

Contact Information:

Asociación de Ginecología y Obstetricia de Guatemala
Address: 12 Calle 2-04, Zona 9, Local 3 - Sótano, Edif. Plaza del Sol, Guatemala
Email: administració


Population: 12,728,111
Median Age: 18.9 years
Life Expectancy: 69.69 years
Fertility Rate: 3.7 children born per woman
HIV/AIDS rate: 1.1% (2003)
Contraceptive Prevalance: 43%
Skilled Attendant at Delivery: 41%
Maternal Mortality Ratio: 240/100 000 women
Lifetime Risk of Maternal Death: 1 in 74
Child Marriage Rate: 34%

Sources: UNICEF country profiles and CIA WorldFactbook