Ukraine, which is the second largest country in Europe, gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Since then, it has worked hard to further integrate with Western Europe, pursuing a more liberalized economy and a more transparent and democratic government. Ukraine has made significant progress in reducing maternal mortality rates since gaining independence, increasing the availability of reproductive health services and developing programs to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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FIGO Saving Mothers and Newborns Project

Since 2006, the SOGC has been working with the Ukrainian Association of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (UAOG) on a FIGO Saving Mothers and Newborns Project which aimed to develop the organizational capacity of their association to improve the quality of emergency obstetric care and family planning services in Ukraine. Using a train-the-trainers approach, the project focused on building the capacity of two national teams of ALARM International Program instructors to roll out the program to health providers involved in obstetrics in two pilot regions of the country: Donetsk and Vinnitsa.

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ALARM International Program

Through implementation of the FIGO Saving Mothers and Newborns Project in Ukraine, an ALARM International Plus Program was rolled in two regions and further expanded throughout the country. The project involved establishment of a national AIP committee, a review of the AIP manual content, the development of a module on family planning, translation of the manual, and delivery of AIP courses, as well as train-the-trainer courses.

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The SOGC's main partner in Ukraine is the Ukrainian Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (UAOG), the national ob/gyn professional association.


Population: 45,994,287 (2008)
Median Age: 39.4 years (2008)
Life Expectancy: 68.06 years (2008)
HIV/AIDS Prevalence (ages 15-49): 1.4% (2005)
Fertility Rate: 1.25 children born per woman (2008)
Infant Mortality: 9.23 deaths/1000 live births (2008)
Skilled Attendant at Delivery: 100% (2000-2006)
Contraceptive Prevalence: 66% (2000-2006)
Maternal Mortality Ratio: 18 per 100,000 (2005)
Lifetime Risk of Maternal Death: 1 in 5200 (2005)

Sources: UNICEF country profiles and CIA WorldFactbook