ALARM International Program

The SOGC’s ALARM (Advances in Labour and Risk Management) International Program is a training tool designed to reduce maternal death or injury in developing countries. The five-day program targets health professionals who provide obstetrical care, reviewing the top maternal killers and suggesting essential tools and problem management with the goal of improving care for mothers and newborns.

To be as effective as possible, the ALARM International Program is sensitive to realities and conditions in which our international partners work. The AIP promotes evidence-based practice and presents effective solutions for resource-constrained countries. 

The AIP has been developed with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive rights which form an integral part of the program’s content. Discussions of women’s reproductive and sexual health as an issue of social justice occur alongside hands-on practice of clinical procedures. By sensitizing participants to the range of social, economic, cultural, and legal factors that can limit women’s access to quality care, the AIP works to promote women’s sexual and reproductive health in a comprehensive way.

The AIP is delivered by a multidisciplinary team of dedicated SOGC volunteers alongside practitioners from our partner countries that include obstetricians, midwifes, nurses and family doctors. The adult learning methods of the AIP combines evidence based theory, hands on practice, workshops, role play as well as pre- and post-evaluations that include written and practical exams (OSCEs: Objective Structured Clinical Examinations).

Once the clinical components have been reviewed, the course ends on a full-day monitoring and evaluation workshop which introduces and familiarizes the participants to the “Maternal Death Audit”. The AIP goes beyond being a 5-day training course when given within a framework of pre-existing monitoring and evaluation activities in our partner countries, thus allowing us to assess the change in practice and the impact of our collective efforts to reduce maternal and newborn mortality in the long term.



Countries of intervention:

Bangladesh / Benin / Burkina Faso / Democratic Republic of Congo / Ethiopia / Gabon / Guatemala / Guyana / Haiti / India / Indonesia / Kenya / Kurdistan (Iraq) / Kosovo / Mali / Mexico / Morocco / Peru / Philippines / Senegal / Tanzania / Uganda / Ukraine / Venezuela / Zambia / Zimbabwe / Yemen