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Campaign to end sexual violence in Nicaragua

Take action by joining Amnesty International's campaign to end sexual violence in Nicaragua

Rape and sexual abuse are widespread in Nicaragua. The majority of victims are young girls under 17 years of age. Many girls do not speak out, fearing that they will be blamed. Many also do not receive the support they need to recover and seek justice.

Amnesty International has met with many survivors of sexual violence in Nicaragua. They have recently launched a new website: which includes the stories of survivors and women's rights advocates, as well as more information on access to justice, shelters, and support in Nicaragua.

Individuals are invited to take action by sending a much needed message of solidarity to women and girls in Nicaragua, by creating a virtual butterfly, which Amnesty International will deliver to the women and girls of Nicaragua for them to use in demonstrations in September.

Learn more and take action by visiting:

Read a blog post by an Amnesty International delegate in Nicaragua: Women find a safe haven from abuse in Nicaragua


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